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Dossier:Painters and Drebbel

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Others, such as Feeling (from the Five Senses) and the Seven Liberal Arts were made after Hendrick Goltzius.
Concerning [[:Category:Portrait|portraits]] of Cornelis Drebbel, there are only a few realistic ones. Most of them served as an illustration to his books. The first one was made in 1604 by another Gotlzius pupil [[ Christoffel van Sichem]]. Others are dated 1608 (Henrichen von Haestens's book), 1621 (slightly modified copy of van Sichem 1604) and 1628 (Burggrav's book). Furthermore there is Drébbel's selfportrait from Stolcius'Album Amicorum in 1623. All the others are probably free interpretationsother portraits seem to be artist impressions of the former.

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