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Click to see a list of all Forms, Templates, and Categories.

Library database[edit]

  • Books:

Form, Template and Category.

  • Letters & docs:

Form, Template and Category.

Dossiers and Facts database[edit]

  • Dossiers:

Form, Template and Category.

  • Facts:

Form, Template and Category.


By default, SMW does not create 'metadata'. For this reason, it isn't easy to list all the properties in each class.

The most important site meta-properties are:


These are the "Places" where Drebbels Books have been published:

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| Alkmaar, Leiden, Hamburg, Hamburg, Haarlem, Haarlem, Hamburg, Erfurt, Frankfurt, Geneve, Frankfurt, Rotterdam, Nürnberg, Paris, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Leipzig, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Amsterdam, Alkmaar, Alkmaar

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