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Facts about PDF & Red dye

FactsYearLanguagePublished inCategory
1666 Sorbiere Concerning Kuffler1666FrenchPerpetuum,Red dye,Regulator,Explosives,PDF
1989 Drebbel volmaakte rood1989DutchRed dye,PDF
2008 Het Volmaakte Rood.pdf2008DutchAlkmaarRed dye,PDF
2009 Perfect Red sept 15 HvO2009EnglishRed dye,PDF

Facts concerning Alkmaar

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All PDF documents

 YearLanguagePublished in
1573-1597 Fabrijkmeesters en poorters1573DutchAlkmaar
1596 Zintuigen Etsen1596FrenchHaarlem
1596+- Drebbels Etches1596+-DutchHaarlem
1597 Declaratie ivm kaart1597DutchAlkmaar
1598-1602 Patenten1598-1602DutchDen Haag
16-- Letter to King James16??Latin,Dutch?
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BookPublished inYearLanguage
1628 (10) Ein kurzer Tractat *Frankfurt1628German
1628 (9) Tractatus Duo *Geneve1628Latin
1628 (11) Tractatus de Natura *Frankfurt1628Latin

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_pageName Auteur About Year of publication Language Location _categories
Drebbel Grondige Opl Quinta Essentia 1715 German Frankfurt
1607 (1) Wondervondt * Drebbel Wondervondt 1607 Dutch Alkmaar Books
1608 (2) Ein kurzer Traktat * Drebbel Traktaat 1608 German Leiden
1619 (3) Ein kurzer Traktat* Drebbel Traktaat 1619 German Hamburg Books
1621 (4) Een kort Tractaet 2 * Drebbel Traktaat 1621 Dutch Rotterdam Books
1621 (5) Een kort Tractaet * Drebbel Traktaat 1621 Dutch Haarlem Books


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