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Most of the pages in this Wiki have been attributed to one or more Categories,
allowing them to be grouped and searched accordingly.
Click on the blue triangle to expand a category.
For another approach, please check the Dossiers



Alkmaar(22 P, 2 F)
Biografie(11 P, 10 F)
Dossiers(20 P)
Geography(5 P)
Images(1 C, 12 P)
Innovations(14 C, 14 P)
On paper(3 C)
Organisation(4 C, 15 P)
People(4 C)
Recent(3 P)
References(10 P)

On paper

Books(39 P, 28 F)
Etsen(11 P, 14 F)
Letters docs(10 P, 7 F)

Innovation / Areas

Optics(2 C)
Pyrotechnics(1 C)
Chemistry(2 C)
Control Technology(4 C)


Contemporaries(2 P)
Contributors(4 P, 2 F)
Family(7 P)
Historians(7 P, 7 F)


  1. Dr Arianna Borrelli
  2. Dr James Bradburne
  3. Hubert van Onna
  4. Naber
  5. Prof F Jaeger
  6. Prof Vera Keller
  7. Rich SantaColoma